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Chemclear Launch UK Wide Spill Response SOS Service

Chemclear have joined forces with Hazclear to launch The Spill Response Network.

The Spill Response Network will provide an 24/7 emergency response service for hazardous spills anywhere in the UK.

It will utilise a network of the very best trained operatives in spillage response – organising and managing any type of emergency around the clock.

The aim is to make it easier for clients to act quickly by contacting a centralised national service – which will in turn deploy localised operatives immediately.

Time Critical

Spill Response Network Founder Chris Jones, said: “Time is critical whenever a spillage happens and the customer does not have time to search for a list of possible responders.

“They may not be operating in their usual area, maybe be passing through or simply unable to contact their usual ‘go-to’ responder.

“The Spill Response Network removes all of the doubt and from the very first contact set about immediately dealing with the problem.

“We have a vast network of hazardous chemical and oil response business specialists who have agreed to join The Spill Response Network and it means we can provide a blue light response to any spillages.

“Further to the actual spill, our experience team are perfectly positioned to consider next steps and initialise follow-up work even as our operatives are on their way to deal with the initial spill.

“It is an exciting venture and it is needed and we believe it will become the go-to service whenever, wherever spillage of hazardous materials occur.”


The Spill Response Network consists of a team of independently managed network of already well established and experienced response providers across the UK.

More than 200 separate businesses, equipped with a huge, and varied array of equipment and machinery, can be deployed at a moments notice to attend emergencies.

“Not every spill is the same and that means the response required can vary,” Chris explained.

“Our experience and understanding of our individual members mean we can save time by deploying the right operative with the correct equipment and begin formulating the plan from first contact, rather than having to wait until arriving on scene.

“We know what equipment is where, we can assemble a team of any size and that provides great peace of mind, real clarity for the client.

Reassuringly Independent

“We are reassuringly independent from any national or multi-national organisation, with more than 200 approved, experienced and willing partners to choose from.

“It means clients are never more than one phone call away from assistance with your spillage containment, clean-up and disposal responsibilities.

“The Spill Response Network has more than 40 years experience within the Waste Management and Industrial services sector.

“This includes bulk, packaged and laboratory waste, hazardous industrial cleaning, confined space, virus cleaning and protection, tank inspections, spillage training, specialised chemical handling, plant decommissioning and of course oil and chemical spillage response.

Spillage Response

“Most Waste Management companies offer Spillage Response 24/7, but not all have the capability in handling it themselves, especially if the incident is many miles away.

“Some won’t respond if you’re not an existing customer, some won’t consider using competitors who may be better placed to provide appropriate reaction and some won’t assist if they don’t have resources available.

“The Spill Response Network guarantee to take your call 24/7, we always take ownership of the incident, understand the problem, identify necessary vehicles and equipment required and then assign the closest Network Partner, leaving clients 110% satisfied.”

Spill Specialists Experienced operatives at The Spill Response Network understand the capabilities, skills and specialists of each member of the Network and will deploy accordingly.

Spill Specialities

Spill specialities include vacuum tankers of all types, Industrial Services capability, chemists, spillage containment equipment, specialised oil skimmers and treatments.

We have B/A qualified users, drainage experts, spill mapping and preventative advisors, geo-technical surveying and land remediation experts who we can call upon to assist.

The Spill Response Network will provide membership options for clients which allow them to sign up for annual all-round cover.

Anyone who isn’t a member can still use the service but members will be prioritise and receive discounts on call-outs and subsequent works.

The Network will attend any spillage anywhere, providing the fastest, most complete and most secure spill response service.

If your business uses, manufactures, distributes, stores or sells oils or chemicals, can you afford to not have emergency cover?

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