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Chemclear are chemical disposal and industrial service provider experts.
Working across a variety of sectors and are trusted experts with anything chemical related.

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Chemclear Lead Front Line Covid Defence

Chemclear continue to lead the front line Covid defence.

The Warrington based chemical cleaning experts are working tirelessly to eliminate Covid in the workplace.

They were working around the clock again this weekend providing the most effective Covid defence available in the UK.

Our team were deployed to four different venues across a 72-hour period providing deep cleaning services in London, Milton Keynes, Birmingham and Walsall.

The work provided Covid-19 protection to a factory, offices, a residential care home and a water treatment facility – to ensure staff and patients are protected from the killer virus.

Covid Defence

Chemclear founder Chris Jones, said: “It is clear Coronavirus doesn’t really care where, what or who it hits and we all need to take care and our work this weekend shows it can strike anywhere.

“We have never been busier providing deep cleaning Covid services to clients across the UK as we try to co-exist with the virus.

“Our Covid clean is highly effective. It deals with the immediate problem of killing the virus and sanitising areas which may have been compromised, or areas where a person has been that later tested positive for Covid.

“The treatment not only kills the virus on contact, but it helps to keep the area clean moving forward and provides staff with reassurance that everything is being done to keep them as safe as possible.

“We use a specially formulated substance which is deployed via electrostatic guns, allowing the particles to kill any virus and lock onto the surface.

“It is safe to use with electric equipment and so means monitors and keyboards can be cleaned along with any surface, instantly killing any trace of the virus.

“We have now been approved to work with a brand new product which protects against Covid for up to 60 days, and that will prove a lifesaver for many.”

Chemical Cleaning

Chemclear provide regular chemical cleaning services for clients but also perform emergency call-outs regardless of location or type of business.

This weekend the Chemclear team were able to provide protection for four separate businesses.

The eclectic mixture of clients shows the prevalence of the killer virus, and illustrate why everyone must embrace Government guidelines to wash hands and stay safe.

They use a specially formulated deep cleaning fluid which provides kills Covid-19 immediately and provides protection for staff, suppliers and visitors.

The substance is not harmful to humans or pets, it leaves no residue to the touch and can be used safely in conjunction with computer equipment and other office / electrical devices.

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