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Chemclear Provide 60 Day Covid Protection

Chemclear can now provide a 60-day Covid protection service.

The industrial cleaning experts have been approved to use a cutting edge product which kills Covid-19 and carries on protecting for 60 days or more.

Scientists have created the innovative treatment which consists of a translucent antimicrobial film, which bonds to surfaces and forms an anti-Covid barrier.

The film kills Covid upon contact and will remain bonded for 60-days – even if the surface is subsequently cleaned.

Chemclear specialists apply the specialists Covid protection service using electrostatic guns by applying all surfaces with a layer of the specially formula.

The product can be applied to computers, television screens and monitors, printers and is pet and human friendly – so it poses no risks to people or businesses.


Covid Protection

Chemclear MD Chris Jones, said: “This is a very significant breakthrough and is critically important in the fight against Coronavirus.

“The crucial factor is that once this treatment has been deployed, it continues to provide protection for two months.

“Normal Covid cleaning methods work brilliantly to kill the virus but, the problem occurs when normal cleaning follows, and the virus killing microbial treatment is removed.

“The new product remains unaffected by such cleaning and remains attached to the almost any surface, and so offers prolonged protection.”

Particles from the spray kill Covid-19 on contact and continue working for 60 days minimum.

Care Home Covid Protection

Chemclear have been using the specially created formula to provide Covid deep cleans for care homes, residential homes, offices and retail premises.

The spray can not be seen by the human eye and presents no harm to people or pets but does repel the Covid virus and other bacteria for two months and more.

Other deep-cleaning products are effective in killing Covid-19 and other bacteria at point of contact but, crucially, they do not offer ongoing protection.

Ironically, the remnants of any ‘deep clean’ products are actually removed with further cleaning, including normal day-to-day surface cleaning.

Chemclear’s 60-day Covid-19 clear Aside from it’s long lasting qualities, the new Chemclear product is significantly more effective than hospital grade cleaning fluid.

The treatment protects against all micro biological activity including most viruses, germs, moulds and smells.

Longer-lasting Covid Protection

Chemclear have been using the new, stronger, longer-lasting Covid cleaning formula since December of last year.

Clients including Schools, Colleges, Universities, Health Care and Care Homes have benefited from the Chemclear Covid clean.

Field trials at hospitals showed the new formula to be four times cleaner surfaces after two months, than areas cleaned with other products the same day.

The treatment is applied by electrostatic sprayers which provide a very fine, even distribution of the formula at 40 microns. 

The electrostatically charged solution allows the spray to wrap around any negatively charged surface.

Areas treated with the new treatment can be checked on a four week basis using ATP luminometer testing and can be re-applied when required.

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