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Medical Centre 28-day Covid Defence

Medical staff and patients at an Aylesbury health care centre are safe from Covid for 28 days.

They have received a huge confidence booster after Chemclear providing the specialist Covid preventive service.

The two-step process involves Chemclear engineers carrying out a deeply chemical clean of the Aylebury Centre before applying the innovative ‘Chemclear 28′ Covid defence system.

Chemclear 28‘ is a newly launched service which utilities a specially formulated translucent antimicrobial film deployed by electrostatic guns.

The fluid, which can not be seen by the naked eye, bonds to surfaces and forms an anti-Covid layer.

It means if Covid-19 were to somehow get into the facility it would be destroyed the moment it comes into contact with treated surfaces.

Ongoing Protection

Chemclear Managing Director Chris Jones, said: “It is a pretty incredible product and provides a genuine defence against Covid-19.

“For a facility like this, Chemclear 28 is a vital tool as it provides ongoing protection for staff and patients and that is hugely reassuring.

“The magic of this particular formula is that, once applied, it will withstand normal cleaning and so it can’t be scrubbed off.

“Some companies have paid specialists for a Covid clean but then found their regular cleaners have unwittingly removed the very substance that kills the virus.

“This doesn’t do that. It is guaranteed to remain bonded to the surface and fighting Covid for 28-days.

“We actually think the film may last longer on surfaces but, that can not be guaranteed and so, it is recommended that treatment is renewed after 28-days.”

Safe To Humans

Chemclear applied the special Covid treatment to 18 apartments, four bungalows, kitchens, common areas, toilets, the gym plus administration offices.

The 28-day Covid treatment is applied via a fine spray and begins working the moment the formula dries.

It is perfectly safe to use with electronic equipment including keyboards, computers and televisions and offers no risk to humans or pets.

Chemclear’s highly qualified engineers carry out a Covid deep clean first before applying the antimicrobial treatment.

Chemclear offer three Covid treatments; the Covid clean, the Chemclear 28 and Chemclear 60, which literally do as their name suggests.

All three provide clients with protection against Covid-19 and quick and easy solutions for businesses concerned about keeping staff, suppliers and visitors safe.

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