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Chemclear provide Covid Protection services for clients

Chemclear Provide Long Lasting Covid Protection Services

Chemclear are now offering three Covid defence systems for UK businesses.

The Warrington based chemical cleaning specialists have been officially licensed to use three products that provide varying levels of protection against the killer virus.

All three Chemclear products kill the Covid-19 virus on contact – but two, the ‘Chemclear 28‘ and ‘Chemclear 60‘ provide ongoing protection.

The treatments literally do what it says on label, by guaranteeing a defence against Covid on surfaces treated with the product, for 28 and 60 days respectively,

The specially formulated translucent antimicrobial film, bonds to the surface when applied and kills Covid on contact, providing a long-lasting defence against the pandemic.

Both products are applied by Chemclear technicians via an electrostatic gun following a Chemclear Covid Deep Clean. The protective layer begins working as soon as the surface drys, usually within minutes.

Covid Protection

“The 60-day protection really is a game changer for businesses as it allow them to carry on with confidence, knowing that Covid can not survive on treated areas,” explained Chemclear Managing Director Chris Jones.

“It is translucent and so can’t be seen to the human eye and works by wrapping itself around the surface areas that have been treated. It means it will kill Covid on contact.

“It takes minutes to apply, is perfectly safe to use with electrical products, it is safe to human touch and is pet friendly.

“They are both very similar products, differing only in the fact that one has been certified to provide protection for 28 days and the other up to 60, and so the products vary slightly in price.

“The beauty of the 60-day Covid protection is obvious, it requires fewer visitors to ensure a facility remains Covid free.”

Chemclear utilised their skills and experience to develop a Covid Deep Clean for clients at the beginning of the pandemic.

Office spaces, factories, leisure facilities, restaurants and just some of the examples of clients that have relied on Chemclear’s deep Covid clean.

Ongoing Protection

Chris, added: “The Chemclear Covid Clean is a fantastic service, it kills Covid on contact immediately and is perfect when clients fear their may have been an exposure to the virus, or they simply want peace of mind.

“The only downside to the Covid Clean is once those surfaces are cleaned in normal circumstances, it removes, or potentially removes, the protective layer.

“So, for example, if we conducted a Covid Clean today for a client and their regular cleaning contractor cleaned as normal two days later, there is a very good chance that our products is washed away.

“The new Chemclear Covid 28 and Chemclear Covid 60 eliminate that risk. Once it has been deployed correctly, the product remains bonded to the surface, even if it is subsequently cleaned with regular cleaning products.

“It provides a long lasting barrier against the virus and means businesses are able to carry on with some sort of confidence that they will remain safe.”

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